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Department of Food Science


In 1963, the Department of Family Studies and Nutrition Sciences was established and grouped into the Family Studies section and the Nutrition Sciences section. Nutrition Sciences section was combined with the Food Sciences section as the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences in 1971. The Graduate Institute of Nutrition and Food Sciences was established and started to offer a master’s degree program in 1983. The doctoral program was joined to the Institute in 1995. Food Sciences section became an individual department in 2006. The Department of Food Science offers Bachelor’s degree program and Master’s degree program.




Mission & Logo

Uphold the spirit of pursuing truth, goodness, beauty and holiness, the Department of Food Science at the Fu Jen Catholic University integrates basic sciences with latest technology for excellence in education, research, and service. We are committed to promote the healthier, tastier and safer foods for improving eating quality, human health and wellness.